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The Italian Renaissance Swordsmanship Academy


Welcome to our academy, where swordsmanship transcends a mere skill – it's an art form steeped in tradition and history. 


Our mission is clear: to impart the complete martial art of Italian swordsmanship. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive curriculum encompassing Longsword, Dagger, Sidesword, Rapier, and Saber techniques. These aren't just techniques; they're a self-defense system honed over 400 years across Europe's battlefields and alleys.


Delve into the wisdom of legendary Italian fencing masters through their timeless manuals:


🗡️ **Fiore de'i Liberi's "The Flower of Battle" (1400s)**: Uncover the essence of Longsword, dagger, and wrestling techniques, drawing from centuries of combat knowledge.


🗡️ **Antonio Manciolino's "Opera Nova" (1500s)**: Explore the finesse of the Side Sword, understanding the intricacies penned by a master of his time.


🗡️ **Ridolfo Capo Ferro's "Great Representation of the Art and Use of Fencing" (1600s)**: Embrace the grace and precision of Rapier techniques from a legendary fencing maestro.


🗡️ **Giuseppe Radaelli's Dueling Saber (1800s)**: Experience the art of dueling with the Saber, following in the footsteps of a revered duelist.


Join us on this journey through time and technique. Together, we'll not only master these martial arts but also uncover the values of discipline, focus, and respect. Our academy is a gateway to an ancient world where the art of the sword becomes a part of your being. Enroll now and step into a legacy that spans centuries.

Our Motto

Vincit Qui Se Vincit

It is an adaptation of a phrase from Publilius Syrus, Bis vincit qui se vincit in victoria

“He conquers twice who conquers himself when he is victorious.”

This phrase emphasizes that true victory comes not only from defeating external opponents but also from mastering oneself in the process. It highlights the idea that self-control, discipline, and personal triumphs are as significant as external achievements.

The student's greatest challenge is to learn to conquer themselves. Learning control in action rather than reaction, overcoming doubts, insecurities, anger, arrogance, and pride will result in success in all life's endeavors.

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